Kathy Richards - Owner
Kathy has been in the housing business for over 25 years.  Broker in MI and
WI and an expert in both subsidised and private housing.  Kathy is well
known and respected in the national housing industry
Don Richards - CEO
Don has been in public housing for 17 years and working with subsidised
housing for 6 years.  Don also holds an BSM in Management, an MBA
in Administration, and is a Real Estate Broker in MI and WI
Lewis Williamson - Housing Specialist
Lewis has an extensive background in tax credit compliance, tenant
certification overview, an extensive IT background, and works with our
agency/team relations
Maria Graser - Accounting Specialist
Maria specializes in all areas of accounting, has an extensive background
working on accounting compliance issues with the federal and state
governments, continues to attend training and seminars that give updates
on accounting compliance, and works with our owners to assist in
understanding financial statements
Stacy Kokely - Housing Specialist
Stacy works in all aspects of our subsidized housing projects and works
closely with tax credit properties on compliance issues.  Stacy also continues
to attend training on Fair Housing Law, Tenant Certification Updates, and
Tax Credits.  Stacy mentors our field managers and employees to keep
everyone in compliance
Jennifer Taracewicz  - Housing Specialist
Jennifer completes an in-depth review of all tenant applications and uses our
state of the art tenant selection criteria, along with our online screening
systems to give our properties only the very best tenants.  Jennifer is
continually receiving training on fair housing law, agency tenant
requirements, and certification requirements.
Roselle Doyle - Administrative Assistant
Roselle does it all but she spends a great deal of her time with logistical
arrangements between maintenance, managers, owners, tenants, suppliers,
and contractors.  Roselle is our public relations person and also has a
strong background in Fair Housing.
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Welcome to Richards Management and our awesome in-house team!