304 Main Street - Main Street, Ashland, WI  54806 - Phone: (906)
932-5500 - Toll Free: (888) 576-6468 - Fax (906) 932-5158 -
Ashland Office - (715) 682-7100
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There is over 3,800 Sq Ft of store here and it is
already ready to go.  The store is located on the
historical 300 Block of the beautiful Main Street
of Ashland.  The murals are breathtaking and a
natural attraction to get off the highway and tour
the main street.  The rent is extremely affordable
and we can have you in here in a matter of
days.  Give us a call today for a showing!!!
304 Main Street - Ashland, WI
welcome to:
304 Main Street The
Old Maurices Building
3 bdrm Home $585,000
3000 sqft  $600,000
Jina Nortunen Site Manager